Benefits of Spinning

A real estate professional for more than a decade, Abraham Valentino is the founder of and In his spare time, Abraham Valentino enjoys staying fit by regularly lifting weights at the gym and attending spinning classes.

A combination of physical and mental exercise, spinning is ideal for building muscle tone and burning calories. Spinning participants ride on a stationary bike and are guided by an experienced instructor, who develops training programs that incorporate both speed and tension. The exercise focuses heavily on the core muscles and also builds strength in the gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. In addition, spinning engages the abdominal muscles to create a strong center.

Depending on the intensity of a workout, 45 minutes of spinning can result in 500 calories burned. Intensity varies based on quickness and increased tension, which mimics hills and steep terrain. Other benefits of participating in a spin class include increasing endurance, relieving stress, and being able to actively spin year-round.

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