Soccer Tips: Ball Handling

Abraham Valentino draws on more than a decade of experience in San Francisco’s luxury real estate market to lead Corporation. Since establishing the company in 2012, he has focused its investment activities on luxury condos in metropolitan areas including Las Vegas and San Diego. Outside of his career, Abraham Valentino maintains an active lifestyle with such hobbies as cycling, weight training, and tennis. He has also established and played in local indoor soccer leagues, securing multiple championship victories.

Dribbling is one of the most vital skills that a soccer player can possess. The ability to maintain control of the ball while adeptly passing it between your feet can not only help you score a goal, but also prevent opposing players from gaining possession of the ball.

Practicing with a smaller ball, such as a tennis ball, can help increase coordination and make it much easier to dribble a larger ball while playing soccer. You can also improve your dribbling technique by learning to contact the ball with all surfaces of your foot. Dribbling with both the inside and outside of the foot, rather than only the instep, can allow you to protect the ball from all angles and maintain stronger control.

Additionally, learning to handle the soccer ball with both feet can further aid your dribbling skills. Simply kicking the ball against a wall with your weaker foot can increase both your comfort and accuracy when approaching the ball from your non-dominant side.

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