Ping Pong Tips for Beginners

Real estate professional Abraham Valentino enjoys a variety of sports in his free time. During his time at Florida International University, Abraham Valentino became the university’s ping pong champion.

Though ping pong can seem easy to pick up, the game has a wide range of nuances that experts use to the fullest. Significant variance in serve length and spin, for example, can make a ping pong player’s offensive game more difficult to predict, as an opponent is forced to guess or make judgment calls rather than putting up a consistent defense. Similarly, good ping pong players develop both backhand and forehand offense, in addition to improving their side-to-side footwork. The most important skill ping pong players must develop, however, is good control of their emotions. Allowing oneself to become distraught or frustrated over the way a game is going can lead to weakening defense or unnecessarily aggressive offense. Top players allow themselves time to think before a serve if their emotions are out of control.

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