The founder of, Abraham Valentino works as a San Francisco real estate investment executive. In his spare time, Abraham Valentino maintains a healthy lifestyle by regularly exercising and weightlifting. Among his favorite activities for staying in shape is spinning.

Burning an estimated 400 to 600 calories per 40-minute class, spinning can improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, build muscles, boost energy, and help with weight loss. Because each person controls his or her own resistance and pace, spinning benefits all types of riders, new or seasoned.

To ensure the best workout is achieved, a spinning class participant should always remain aware of posture. Always engaging the core, a rider should lean forward, with a flat back, from the waist. The legs must point forward–and never bow out–to avoid injuries and discomfort while pedaling. Likewise, to avoid harm to the ankles, a rider’s feet remains flat at all times. To achieve all of the above, a person should relax his or her shoulders and not lean on a bike’s handlebars. This keeps the body present in the workout, focuses a rider’s attention, and helps with alignment.

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