An Overview of a 4.0-rated Tennis Player

Abraham Valentino founded in 2012. When he is not leading the San Francisco-based real estate investment firm, Abraham Valentino, a 4.0-rated player, enjoys staying in shape through tennis.

A tennis player who plans on becoming a teaching professional must meet a number of U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) standards. For example, all teaching pros must have achieved a National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) ranking of 4.0 or better. A 4.0 tennis player can hit both the backhand and forehand with a high degree of reliability during moderately paced match play. The player can control the direction of his or her shots and alter depth as the point dictates.

Beyond the development of reliable ground strokes, a 4.0-rated tennis player can, with relative success, implement a number of the sport’s more complex shots, including lobs, overhead smashes, accurately placed approach shots, and volleys. On serve, a player can occasionally win free points with their first service and has established an efficient second serve.

In general, a 4.0-rated player can be distinguished from a 3.5-rated player by his or her ability to recognize opportunities during a point and effectively seize them using the above-mentioned skills and strategies.


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