About Abraham Valentino

vikA former luxury real estate agent based in downtown San Francisco, Abraham Valentino is the founder and chief executive officer of iMetros.com, a real estate investment firm. Abraham Valentino has driven a strong return on investment during the first three years he has operated the firm, with yields averaging more than 50 percent each year. He expects to launch a real estate portal designed to cater to other real estate investors in the near future.

Abraham Valentino previously served as the CEO of the San Francisco Bay Area real estate firm SFLuxury.com, where he closely targeted potential buyers for each property by their demographics and used global marketing strategies to facilitate sales and reach interested parties internationally. His listings attracted over 150,000 daily views worldwide.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Valentino ran a successful software company, called Silicon Logics Inc., in San Francisco for 16 years. The company produced logistics systems for small and mid-size companies, including point-of-sale, supply chain, and e-commerce capabilities. He started the company without investors and eventually grew it to over $4 million in revenue with a team of 20.


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