Soccer as a Cardio Workout

San Francisco real estate investment professional Abraham Valentino is founder and chief executive officer at Corporation. In order to stay physically fit, Abraham Valentino participates in a number of indoor soccer leagues, including several he established himself.

Soccer is a great way to burn calories, as studies have shown that a player may run up to 9.5 miles over the course of a single game. With most players either walking, jogging, or sprinting at all times, it is no wonder that nearly 10 miles can be covered over a 90 minute contest, though players in certain positions travel more distance than others. A goalie, for example, is unlikely to ever break the 3-mile mark in a game.

Midfielders, on the other hand, generally lead their team in terms of total distance, running 9 miles or more per game. Required to put forth continuous effort on both offense and defense, a midfielder may need to cover the length of a field in a matter of seconds before having to turn around and dash in the opposite direction. Among the 2014 U.S. Men’s National team, three players averaged more than 7 miles per game. Each of those players was a midfielder.