The Ping Pong Service Motion

Abraham Valentino is a real estate professional who currently leads the Corporation in San Francisco, California, as founder and chief executive officer. Outside of work, Abraham Valentino plays competitive ping pong and has won three D category US Open titles.

Every point of a ping pong match begins with one player serving the ball. A proper service motion in ping pong begins with the ball resting in the server’s hand before being tossed a minimum of 16 centimeters into the air. While the ball is still in the air, the server strikes the ball so that it first touches his or her court before clearing the net and landing in the receiving court.

The server can in no way hide the ball or otherwise hinder the receiver’s ability to see the ball at any time. This can be especially prevalent in doubles ping pong, when two additional players occupy the same space. If a server’s motion is questionable, an umpire may issue a warning before deeming any similar serves illegal.