Soccer as a Cardio Workout

San Francisco real estate investment professional Abraham Valentino is founder and chief executive officer at Corporation. In order to stay physically fit, Abraham Valentino participates in a number of indoor soccer leagues, including several he established himself.

Soccer is a great way to burn calories, as studies have shown that a player may run up to 9.5 miles over the course of a single game. With most players either walking, jogging, or sprinting at all times, it is no wonder that nearly 10 miles can be covered over a 90 minute contest, though players in certain positions travel more distance than others. A goalie, for example, is unlikely to ever break the 3-mile mark in a game.

Midfielders, on the other hand, generally lead their team in terms of total distance, running 9 miles or more per game. Required to put forth continuous effort on both offense and defense, a midfielder may need to cover the length of a field in a matter of seconds before having to turn around and dash in the opposite direction. Among the 2014 U.S. Men’s National team, three players averaged more than 7 miles per game. Each of those players was a midfielder.


Thailand’s Temple of Dawn

A real estate investment executive, Abraham Valentino enjoys traveling during his time outside of the office. Having visited Europe numerous times, Abraham Valentino plans to journey to Asia next, making stops in China, Singapore, and Thailand.

In 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, was the world’s most-visited destination, according to Global Destination Cities Index. The city expected nearly 16 million tourists that year. When visiting, travelers should consider seeing the Temple of Dawn, also known as Wat Arun. A 2014 Travelers’ Choice award winner in the category of attractions, the Temple of Dawn is a religious site named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. The Buddhist temple offers a beautiful silhouette as the sun sets and its lights create a picturesque view from the east side of Bangkok’s River of Kings. In addition, the monument possesses intricate mosaics made of multicolored ceramic and porcelain tiles, terraces overlooking surrounding waters, and statues honoring Hindu gods.

Open to the public, the temple operates from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. local time every day. Thai citizens may enter the temple for free, but international visitors must pay 30 Thai Baht (approximately $1 USD) to view the sanctuary.